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15Th March 2019

The Buddy system: Your trainee support network

Picture this: You got a job, and you're new to the company. It is usually stressful in this situation, even if you knew what to expect. Imagine you had a friend in the company or at least someone who would lead you and help you. Wouldn't that make your life easier? That’s what the Trainee Programme: The Buddy system is for.

The first stimulus to create the system came from a few Trainees last year. They wanted to improve communication and make it easier to deal with the overload of new information that surrounds the start of the Programme. After some thinking, they came up with a system, effectively creating a network that connects current Trainees and newcomers.

Soon after the Assessment Center, our Onboarding team matches every recruit with a current Trainee, who would act as a Buddy. Using your field of study, target department, and more, you will be paired with someone that will be able to support you on organizational matters, advise you on choosing the right rotation, or just make you feel part of the Trainee family. It’s a great opportunity to form a great friendship. You will have someone with whom you will be able to meet for coffee or dinner and with whom you will discuss any possible difficulty that you may encounter. Karolina, Pepa and Mihai shared their story with us – so you can see for yourself!

Take, for example, Karolina, she is currently working in the Product Strategy department and remembers how helpful her Buddy was for her, 6 months ago: “It was crucial for me to meet Manuel, as he is from the same target department. He told me about his experience – I had a ton of questions. He helped me to create an overview of the job and set my expectations for the rotation".

Pepa, Trainee from the Production, had a great experience with his Buddy: “When I was joining the Trainee Programme my Buddy was in his foreign rotation. Even though he was abroad, he was kind enough to answer all of my questions. Especially in the case of accommodation, he tried to give me his authentic point of view. When he returned, he invited me to his welcoming party. It was super nice because I also got to know other former trainees, who gave me great guidance."

What about being a Buddy though? As Mihai puts it, it’s a great mentoring experience: “I know what it is like to be new somewhere, surrounded by strangers, to be afraid to ask simple questions. I really felt I was useful and I could help. I felt like I was counselling someone, and that was extremely gratifying.”

Once again, the system shows how crucial is the Trainee to Trainee help. Sharing our own experiences, that is what the Programme is about. Learning is always a two-way street – the Buddies mentor and the new Trainees learn, and vice versa. Trust us when you begin your journey, you won’t believe how much you will want to become a Buddy!

Pavlína Vágnerová, Trainee

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