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11Th January 2019

What to do after intern? Try our Trainee Programme!

Here I was, at the verge of ending an exciting Internship at ŠKODA AUTO, as well as my graduate studies. It is always intense to close a chapter of your life: uncertainty becomes your best friend, especially for your career. I wanted to do something unique, getting the experience and insights of working in any field – I needed to clear my head, and really choose my future. All seemed dire, but that’s when I came across the ŠKODA Trainee Programme.

It was the start of April: few months before my graduation and the end of my Internship, I was checking the Programme on the ŠKODA AUTO career website. I decided to investigate further by asking my other fellow colleagues in ŠKODA and my Internship supervisor – they knew well how much I wanted to work in different departments. Before I chose what my career path was going to be, I was curious to work in design, marketing or any other technical related department. I could not receive better feedback: I had go for it! My internship supervisor supported me and guided me to contact HR for more information.

After getting in touch with HR, I arranged a meeting: having in mind the answers to my never-ending questions, I left with a happy face. I was relieved, but now I had to start the recruitment process. April was the perfect month to apply for the Trainee’s intake in September, and so I did.

One fine afternoon at work, a mail notification pops on my mobile. It was an email from ŠKODA HR regarding my selection and an invitation to the Assessment Center in Mlada Boleslav. I was a bit paranoid about preparing for the Assessment Center – it was right the next day after my final state exam!

Stress was keeping me awake, as well as the preparations for the interviews: I wanted to shine. I tried to internalize all of the tips I could find online, the info about the Programme, and most importantly, my expectations. I managed to get to the Assessment Center – the preparation had worked – and after the final interview, I finally heard the words I was waiting to hear for so long: “You’re in the Trainee Programme, congratulations.

Here I was, a Trainee: the future was all set to get a boost. I met the Trainee Programme Coordinator right after the Assessment Center and she explained how it is to be a Trainee: I could go to different departments and abroad, thanks to the Foreign Rotation. I will also get to understand ŠKODA AUTO’s organization and products, while taking part in fun activities along the way. I felt like my expectations were turning into reality.

Today, I am currently working in Material Development. It is my first department, under my mentor who was also my internship supervisor: he helped me plan my future rotations and stir my future in the company. I kept on thinking: “Isn’t this a great start for my career?”

To all the fellow graduates and interns, I hope you will think about my path with the Trainee Programme that you will take a chance and become a Trainee. I hope to see you at the Trainee Welcome Party soon, cannot wait to hear you share your experience.


Nishit, Trainee

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