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5Th November 2018


Jakub and his classmates were pioneers of the young generation in the Paint Shop. He was visiting high schools with recruiters and shared with apprentices his experience. This may be the reason why there are candidates interested in high school practice. And that is a good thing. This way, they can find the best candidate who can join the Paint Shop after graduation.

How does your regular workday look like?

I do 12-hour shifts, so I have a short and long week. The long week means that I have a morning shift on Monday and Tuesday, a night shift on Friday, an afternoon shift on Saturday and a night shift on Sunday. I have a day off on Wednesday and Thursday. More pleasant is, of course, the short week, because I have a lot of free time. I work only two days of the week, on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

When I come to work, I get the information about the Production from the previous shift. I learn if there were some defects or failures of robots. As a Fixer, I am in charge of the whole production line and bear responsibility for it. During the day, I check the quality of spraying on car bodyworks and optimize it. I adjust the varnishing parameters and cooperate with the Maintenance Department – if there is a defect of a robot, we need to fix it very quickly.

What do you like about your work in the Paint Shop?

My job is quite diverse. I work in an interesting environment with a high level of robotization and automation. Therefore, I can work with the latest technology and robots. I am also involved in varnishing processes.

And the time as well. As I have already mentioned, I work 12-hour shifts, which are demanding but provide a lot of free time as well. And that is an advantage.

What brought you to ŠKODA AUTO?

I am a trained Mechanic and Fixer, so I am in the same field. I graduated from ŠKODA AUTO Secondary Vocational School of Engineering and completed my practical training in the car factory. I enjoyed that very much, so my future career path was clear to me.

What were the first months like?

When I started in the Paint Shop, I did a three-shift operation. I learned from my colleagues, who were doing 12-hour shifts. Thanks to different working hours, I had a chance to meet people from different shifts. I learned something from all of them, and it was very beneficial for me.

The first day I was overwhelmed by information. I was supposed to work with robots and varnishing technologies, which is something that I did not learn at school. Despite all my concerns, I felt excited.

As newcomers, instead of training, we went straight to the Operation, where we were left to sink or swim. Nowadays, it is completely different. Since July, there has been part of the Production Line in the Training Centre, which is located in a beautiful modern building. There a former Paint Shop Adjuster trains newcomers. They have enough time to practice what they then do in real Production.

The technology evolves, so they started to do virtual training as well. Through 3D glasses, you can see mapped space of the line of the Fixer and simulations of different situations. Therefore, you can train the manipulation in case of defect. And it does not stop there.

What about the work team?

The team I am in choose me when I was working in a 3-shift operation. We go on very well, and we like working together. We are well-coordinated. We do our job well, and I do enjoy going for a beer with them.

Can you tell us, what do you do in your free time?

My big hobby is working with computers, which is the reason why I decided to go to the Paint Shop. I also enjoy hiking. I like walking in the Bohemian mountain areas and visiting castles and chateaux. I sometimes go to the cinema, go for a good meal or a beer with my friends and colleagues from work. I am always really excited about summer because it is a time of music festivals.

Why should anyone join the Paint Shop?

Everybody, who decides to join us, will get the opportunity to work with the most recent technology, robots and computers. Every year, the Production Lines are modernized – in our Pain Shop, there is the highest rate of automatization and robotization. From all production sectors, this one is the most guarded. You wouldn´t be able to enter without special authorization.

No need to worry, you will be well trained. Besides, you will become a member of the team, full of amazing people.

Do you want to see Jakub´s work? Check the video or join his team.

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