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10Th July 2017

From Trainee Diary: Dealership Experience

Besides all other benefits we have while being a part of Trainee Program in ŠKODA AUTO, one of the best opportunities provided to us in trainee year are 3 days in one of the Dealerships Salons around Czech Republic. This time they even went one step further, with allowing me to spend those three days in Salon in my home country – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tuzla, city where I come from, woke up washed with sun on 3rd of May; it looked like a perfect day for selling some ŠKODA cars. I arrived to dealership salon situated in my city, called Cosmos Commerce. This company was founded in 1998. and is in charge of selling ŠKODA vehicles in Tuzla region from 1999. Today, they sell new cars, used cars, and offer service of the cars as well.

To be honest, I didn’t really have high expectations, but I must say I was blown away. Whole salon was redesigned in year 2016, and nowadays it meets all standards that one ŠKODA dealership salon should have.

I was warmly welcomed by the staff and the director and we were ready to start this amazing 3 days experience. During my stay there I found out lots of information about current state of vehicles selling in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Tuzla region. This company sells on average 110 new Skoda vehicles each year, plus 50 used one, on the principle old for new.

First day I got small excursion through whole dealership, where I got to know all employees together with what their work is. I went also to place where they do service and I was informed that they expand their service capacity in last year by 100%, since two other Skoda dealerships that were operating in my city were closed, so almost all cars from Tuzla region come to them now.

Last year most popular and most sold cars in this salon were ŠKODA OCTAVIA a ŠKODA FABIA, with number 34 and 30 sold models respectively.

Just few days before my arrival they had official presentation of KODIAQ and as they say, and from what I could see on the pictures, it was really successful and visited action.

Although I was there after holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Labor day) and people were still in their heads on holiday, I must admit that salon was quite visited. People were coming mostly to see offer for used cars and to ask one question: ‘’When is KODIAQ going to be available for us?’’

Days followed in very friendly and familiar atmosphere, where I have felt like I was part of the collective for a really long time. Since city of Tuzla is not so big, I got a chance to see some of my friends, and even professors from University, coming to ask about cars and visiting the ŠKODA Service.

In the end I want to say big thank you to all people working in Cosmos Commerce in Tuzla for hosting me in their salon, as well as to my trainee coordinator and department, for making this experience possible. This is why Trainee program is the best!

Selma Kunosić, Trainee – Technical development 


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